Why do you need a hard hat?

ERB Bump cap

In general, protective helmets or hard hats should do the following: Resist penetration by objects. Absorb the shock of a blow. They can not only save your head but also reduce the risk of neck and back injury. Full brim hard hats act as a sun block from the UV rays of the sun giving your neck extra protection.

The outer shell of a hard hat is good for 5 years after put in service, after that time period a new hard hat should be purchased.

These are a lighter weight more comfortable hard hat that will protect you for just bumping your head into things, not from objects falling with force.

We also carry N95,N99 and P 100 respirators. These can be full or half masks.

We carry both ball cap style and full  brim ERB hard hats. We are able to order, MSA, Gateway afety and Ergoydyne hard hats.

Bump Caps

Ergodyne Bump cap

Hard Hats

OSHA Title 8, Section 3381, hard hats are a requirement; “Employees working in locations where there is a risk of receiving head injuries from flying or falling objects and/or electric shock and burns shall wear approved head protection”.

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